1. Guardian System

a) Guardian Items:

- You can purchase the Guardian buying the Box Items in the NPC James (RUUD SHOP) located in Elbeland.

b) Description of Guardian Items:

- The Ghost Horse can be used from level 800, Ice Dragon 900, Pierce Lion 1000, Shining Tail 1100
- The Guardian is equipped from inventory.
- The Guardian Items has durability.
- The Guardian has a Normal Items option or option elite endurance.

c) Create and strengthen Guardian Items:

- You can create Guardian Items through the NPC "Trainer" located in Lorencia (122, 110).
- You can rise up the Guardian Items to +15

2. Creation and Improved Guardian Item

a) Combination (Ghost Horse):

  • 10x Sculpture (from "Priest James" NPC)
  • Seal of Dark Horse (from "Priest James" NPC or from drop Elite Boss)


c) Improvement Process of Items Guardian:

  • Guardian Enhanced Stone (from "Priest James" NPC or from drop Elite Boss)
  • Jewel of Life


3. Change the Guardian Options Items
- You can only change the Elite options Items from the Guardian NPC "Trainer" in the Guardian Change Options.
- is required to have the option of Elite Guardian Items to try to change or get a similar option.

4. Basic Information

- The guardian pets can not be used simultaneously with other pet as join and Dinorant/Fenrir.
- However, it can be used simultaneously with the Dark Spirit.

a) General Options:
- The Guardian pets can get from 2-3 options randomly.



 Option 1

 Increase Defense Lvl / 20 (Up to 1100 Level)

 Option 2

 Increase Damage / Wizardry Damage / Curse Damage Lvl / 20 (Up to 1100 Level) 

 Option 3 

 Increase Defense Elemental

 Increase Damage Elemental

b) Elite Options:
- The guardian pets can get 2 options Elite randomly.

 Options / Item


 Type 1 (Fire)

 Bleeding Damage Resistance

 Attack Reduction Resistance

 Type 2 (Water)

 Poisoning Damage Resistance

 Attack Reduction Resistance

 Type 3 (Earth)

 Bleeding Damage Resistance

 Attack Speed Reduction Resistance

 Type 4 (Wind)

 Poisoning Damage Resistance

 Defense Reduction Resistance

 Type 5 (Darkness)

 Bleeding Damage Resistance

 Defense Reduction Resistance

- The basic options of the guardian pets will increase according to the level of the Pet !!!


5. Guardian pets upgrade

Required pet level for upgrade

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